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APiC Achieves CAB Closed Loop Recycling Scheme Certificate

APiC UK has taken a remarkable stride towards sustainability by achieving the prestigious CAB Closed Loop Recycling Scheme Certificate. The CAB (Council for Aluminium in Building) Closed Loop Recycling Scheme (CLRS) is an industry-specific initiative that encourages and promotes increased recycling of aluminium in a closed loop within the aluminium in building sector. This achievement signifies APiC's commitment to environmentally friendly practices, resource conservation, and a circular economy approach, and showcases its commitment to being a socially responsible company. The certification demonstrates to staff, suppliers, customers, and the wider community that APiC prioritises sustainable practices and is actively working towards minimising its environmental impact.

A Commitment to Sustainability:

As an aluminium window fabricator, APiC has recognised the need for sustainable practices within its industry. In recent years, the company has made substantial investments in research, development, and process optimisation to reduce its environmental footprint. By focusing on sustainable material sourcing, energy-efficient manufacturing techniques, and waste management, APiC has demonstrated its dedication to responsible production.

Environmental Impact:

Participating in the CAB CLRS allows APiC to minimise its impact on the environment. By recycling aluminium in a closed loop system, the company reduces waste generation, conserves energy resources, and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. APiC's dedication to responsible recycling practices helps protect the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Industry Data Contribution:

By participating in the CAB CLRS, APiC contributes to important industry data on aluminium recycling by submitting monthly reports. This data helps inform and shape sustainable practices within the aluminium in building sector, leading to more efficient and environmentally friendly processes.

Operational Efficiency:

The CAB CLRS encourages the use of dedicated skips from recyclers, both at the APiC factory and on-site for larger refurbishment projects. This streamlines the recycling process, making it more convenient and efficient. Additionally, sorting the scrap into alloys enables the recycling of profiles into more profiles, sheets into more sheets, and so on. This improves the overall efficiency of recycling and maximises the utilisation of recycled aluminium.

APiC's achievement of the CAB Closed Loop Recycling Scheme Certificate not only benefits the environment, but also brings numerous benefits to the company. By showcasing their commitment to social responsibility, minimising environmental impact, contributing to industry data, improving operational efficiency, and potentially attracting new customers, APiC demonstrates its position as a leading aluminium window fabricator in the pursuit of sustainability and enhances its reputation as a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company. Through their dedication to closed-loop recycling, APiC sets an inspiring example for the industry, fostering a more sustainable and circular future for the construction and building sector.


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