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Contract: Quadrangle

Products: AluK Optio 58BW ST HI Steel Replacement, GT55 TB Commercial Door, SG52 Curtain Walling System, SL52 Curtain Walling System


For this project, we were heavily involved in the planning and detailed design stage to achieve the contemporary look for the façade that the client wanted. 

We thrived on the complexities of this project, for example, where the original windows had a transom and modesty spandrel panel below, the slimmer sightline replacements replicated the line of the transom but with fritted glass below to provide a similar level of privacy with more natural light. We also designed a solution for fixing the anthracite grey windows to the metallic bronze louvre sections specified to break up the uniformity of the façade, giving users the option of manual ventilation and to provide fresh air and exhaust points for the AHUs. The reinforcing bar in the windows has effectively become the carrier bar for the louvres and gives the impression that there are two colours in one window panel.

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