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Tree planted in the Caledonian Forest for APiC UK

We're thrilled to announce that Adecco Cheltenham has planted a tree in honour of our partnership! This reinforces our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, and we're proud to support the rewilding of the Caledonian Forest.

The tree planted in APiC UK’s name will help transform open hillsides into healthy young woodland able to support the local ecosystem and wildlife. Grown from locally collected seed, it will be just one of many species planted, including Scots pine, Willow, Birch, Rowan, Hazel, Holly, and Bird Cherry. Planted alongside other young, native trees, this sapling will help create wild forests that will be enjoyed by and sustain generations to come.

Planting trees not only helps to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change, but it also provides a range of environmental, social, and economic benefits, such as improving air and water quality, promoting biodiversity, and supporting local communities.

We're excited to continue strengthening our environmental sustainability as a company and hopefully inspire others to take action towards making a positive impact in the world.


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